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August 30, 2019


Talent is like a flower, you must tend to it if you want something beautiful.


Leigh Nash (of Sixpence None the Richer) has obviously tended to her talent and developed one to the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. She has been on tour with her talent since she was only 15 years old. She has been with her band since 1992…almost 28 years of tending her talent. Last night at The Listening Room of Mobile we were the recipients of the results of all that hard work that was partnered with natural talent.


There was an opening act, an excellent singer named John Tibbs. I looked him up and was not at all surprised to learn he is a Christian musician. He showcases his southern roots sound with Bible based lyrics and inspirational stories. John told us right off the bat about his issue with stuttering since he was age 8. He even said, “We all have issues”. John is correct and I love his approach to his issue of stuttering…he just ignores it (which is an excellent way to handle it).  John has a unique voice and his lyrics are lessons. 


The most memorable of his songs for me was “Dear Hate”. Yes, he writes a message to Hate in this song. “You were there in Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried. You pulled those towers from the sky, but even on our darkest nights the world keeps spinning ‘round. “You whisper down through history and echo through these hall, but I hate to tell you love’s gonna conquer all.” 


Leigh Nash took the stage right after John and joining her was guitarist Brad Meinerding. I understand that for the past 13 years Leigh’s husband was her guitarist and he is now touring with his own music, so this was one of her first shows with Brad. I would not have known it if she had not pointed it out because with the level of professionalism and raw talent from both of them…the music was magnificent. 


I want to say Leigh Nash was like a great big breath of fresh air blowing into Mobile, sweeping us all up and carrying us with her lyrics to Leigh-ville. We were there for 90 minutes of pleasure. We were happily listening to her well crafted lyrics; listening to her beautiful voice and never knowing from one minute to the next what might pop out of her mouth. I found myself waiting for the next, “so you don’t give a crap”, or “I don’t give a crap” or “Who gives a crap”. It was quite obvious that this wonderfully talented artist who started out at a very tender age and has now honed her show to perfection…knows what she is doing. At times she sounds somewhat like a stand-up comedian, and she very well could pull that off too. She spoke to us in a rhythm that could not be denied. It held us mesmerized like hungry dogs as the owner holds a wonderful morsel of food at the ready and will only release it when they are ready.  I would have begged her if the need had arisen. 


I have seen many acts over the past few years at The Listening Room and Leigh Nash is right there in the top handful of shows that make me feel just like OLIVER TWIST….”More, More, I want more please”.


Of course I love her big hits, “Kiss ME”, and, “There she goes”. But the song she touched my soul with was called “Somebody’s Yesterday”. It tells the story of the aftermath of a busted relationship….as you see him with someone else.


”There’s no one else to blame

I chose to walk away

Sometimes a lover discovers who matters too late

Now I’ve got to learn how to live as somebody’s yesterday”


“Maybe I’ll call you, maybe you’ll answer

Maybe we’ll talk about her

But that won’t happen, I’m not gonna call you

We’ll never be what we were.”


Leigh talked to us like we were sitting around her coffee table, enjoying a glass of wine and she wanted to share some of her life with us. She told of her song called “I love my drug”. It is the story of her addiction to sleeping pills. The life of a touring musician, no matter how successful, no matter how many beloved fans, can fall into a state of uncertainty and need help just in normal functions….like sleeping. The fact that she can share such intimate details in a song and in her talk with us, solidifies her strength of character. I just love her courage and her confidence.


Look her up Leigh Nash…or Leigh Nash of Sixpence None Richer. Also check out this fabulously talented guitarist she travels with Brad Meinerding.  


Thank you John Tibbs for a great opening act

Thank You Leigh Nash and Brad Meinerding for a fabulous show

Thank you Jim Pennington and The Listening Room of Mobile for bringing the talent to Mobile

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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