Eric and Quintin joined forces at TLR!

August 31, 2019


It was great and it was good last night at The Listening Room as these two long time friends and one time band-mates came together to entertain us for a couple of hours.


Jimi Hendrix once said, “Music is a safe kind of high”. …I believe he had it right. 


I have never been high in the druggy sense but Music has made me feel euphoric and carefree, it has lifted me when I was at my lowest point and it brightened many a sad day for me along the way. I do feel that through music healing takes place, troubles are lessened and great soothing power can be bestowed on us by the presence of the right music.


Quintin Berry started last night’s show with an awe inspiring performance. He holds his bass guitar upside down and he is the master of that bass. Quintin lifted us all with his singing and his bass playing, both of which are unique and special. He is happy in his own skin when he stands near a microphone and hears the audience respond in kind. The audience roared as he began, they roared in the middle and as he struck the last note of the song, the roaring shook the rafters. He had no choice but to be proud. Quintin gets that little half grin and you can tell he is pleased with the show. He played some of his originals and they were thoughtful and poignant. He told us about a time when he was on tour with The Ugli Stick and a person approached him requesting money because he was hungry. He responded, “I will not give you money because I don’t know what you might do with it…but I will buy you some food.” Then he sang and played his song that was inspired by this encounter. The lyrics to his song asks us “would you help someone”…it was thought provoking to say the least.


He also played one of his songs that only has two words, repeated now and then…”I’m Gone”…He told me he was looking for something cool and fast to play, he said the lyrics were of little significance to him, he told me he doesn’t even know why he said “I’m Gone”….it just felt right and his point was…to play fast, to play cool..then say “I’m gone… “

Quintin’s third original was “Keep On Livin”. He said he once heard an old blues guitarist say, “If you have a Bad day, just keep on livin”… SO that was his message with this song.


After Quintin’s opening set, he took a seat in the audience and Eric took the stage.


Eric played some new songs, some newer songs, some songs he has sung for years and some way back songs from the days of his band The Ugli Stick. He saved the ones we are most familiar with, i.e. “Bird on A Powerline”, “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right” to use in the finale while Quintin accompanied him on bass.


Eric played a song that he will not be releasing until next Friday (it will be his next Fresh Song Fridays release). It is called “There is no such thing as Cheap Whiskey”. To me it gives a sultry, regretful feel and has a somewhat gloomy message of the possible negatives of over drinking. This song will make you think.


He talked about his 2019 project Fresh Song Fridays, explaining he had so many unrecorded, unreleased songs as the beginning of 2019 approached quickly. He made the decision to release as many of these new songs this year as possible. He began releasing a new song every Friday (they are all available for purchase on his website He began packaging them up once he has 11 songs …so Fresh Song Fridays Vol 1 and Vol 2 are now available and Vol 3 has been ordered should arrive any day now. I believe he said this is week 35…so 33 of them are now on discs and ready for consumption. It has been quite an adventure as he travels a lot and he must have these ready to release every Friday at noon (CST), no matter what timezone he happens to be in at the time.

One radio station picks up his Fresh Song Fridays song minutes after it is made available to the public and they air it right away.


Eric does not put all of his eggs in one basket. He does studio work in Chicago. He is a regular member of The Buddy Rich Band that takes him wherever they travel in the world. He joined the Nashville Songwriters Band as a Bassist last year and traveled to play a USO show with them at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan.  He plays solo, he plays in songwriter rounds and he sometimes joins with other songwriters and full bands to play.  He participates in art projects such as Consenses project put together by Sally Taylor and TRIO, organized and created by Shari Smith. These are projects that combine artists, musicians and authors to work together  to collectively create. It is the most prolific displays of creativity I have ever witnessed. So, you might say Eric Erdman is a busy man.


As he took requests last night and played his heart out, my heart was full of pride and appreciation that I get to be his mom.


So last night was a treasure. It was one more night that burns into my mind and makes me happy and fulfilled. I understand that Quintin Berry will begin doing shows at The Listening Room now as a solo act. He is a special talent…he is not one amongst thousands just like him, not at all. Quintin stands out, he has the IT factor. He holds his bass upside down. He rips on that bass like no other I have ever seen. He also sings, he writes original music, he tells stories about his experiences in music and he tells them well. I wish him continued success and I will go to as many of his shows as my schedule permits. Quintin Berry is a great musician, a great friend and I am proud to know him.


Thank you Quintin Berry for the fabulous entertainment last night

Thank you Eric Erdman for your stories and songs last night, they were great!

Thank you Jim Pennington for starting The Listening Room, persevering and succeeding

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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