Professor Hill’s Think System

September 8, 2019


The name of this band is more unusual than most…I love it primarily because I am basically a nerd and I know one when I see one. We tend to be OVER-THINKERS…

These over thinkers include 

Ben Harper -Band leader, guitarist, 

Steve Harper - vocals, guitar, dobro, ukulele, cello, mandolin, banjo 

Daniel Munyon-upright bass


If you ever see one of their shows advertised, grab your loved ones and head that way. You don’t want to miss them.


Last night at The Listening Room, they outdid themselves. In addition to their regular show of mind-blowing talent on many instruments, there was a beautiful young lady who can sing  like an angel…her name is Ruth Harper (some call her Ruthie)…

What a surprise and what a blessing it was to watch her and to hear her. She has actually performed at Carnegie Hall….a rare distinction. Ruth is the daughter of the band leader, Ben Harper. 


Last night she sang “A Thousand Years” (by Christina Perri)… my favorite lines in this song are “I have died everyday, waiting for you

 Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years

 I’ll love you for a thousand more.”


Ruth was very poised and gracious, I could not take my eyes off of her. She is extremely talented and she has long thick curly blonde hair most women would die for. This is definitely a person who is going places, she has everything it takes….talent, beauty, confidence…the world is hers to claim.

Her name will be a household name in the near future.


The Harper brothers are standouts among any crowd. Of course they are super talented…they grew up in a music household. Their father Dr. Andrew Henry Harper, a  fabulous music conductor, was a guiding force in their lives. They are standouts for much more than their music. Both Ben and Steve are always smiling, always laughing (often at themselves), always genuinely kind and pleasant to talk with. All things considered I say they are a shining example of what we should all strive to be in this life.


The young man who played upright bass was powerful, yet quiet…He had no mic and he did not speak to the crowd from the stage. He played perfectly to every song and let me tell you that could not be easy.  The Harper Brothers love a huge range of music from broadway musicals to U2, Cure, NXS, Duke Ellington, Peter Paul and Mary and songs from the Celtic culture. They also played a couple of originals. One that struck me was called “Night in Paris” written by Steve Harper. He told the story of he and his beautiful wife Heather walking the streets of Paris one night and it move him so much that he knew right away he would write a song about it. It is beautiful. His wife is also a talented musical person…they have a band called Heather and the Monkey King, you should check them out…they will be appearing soon at The Listening Room.


I have been a fan of Sting for many years…my sons always enjoyed him when they were at home, especially my older son Wendell. It turns out not only do the Erdman brothers love sting, so do the Harper brothers. They played one I was not familiar with but it was wonderful, it is called “Empty Chair”….When they broke out with “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” I teared up. That song speaks loud to me and I haven’t heard it in years. Thanks to you guys for reminding me of that beautiful song. I was screaming the lyrics in my head…(be glad it stayed in my head because I have no singing talent at all.)


They played a song I remember well from NXS, “Never tear us apart”…beautiful job. 

The last song of the evening was  “Caravan” by Duke Ellington… was great way to end a perfect show.


So, I got to see geniuses at work. Ben and Steve Harper are humble, yet they are super talented musicians. They are happy with life and it shows all over them as they perform. I know they have two older siblings, (another brother and a sister). However, I did not ask if they too were involved in music. 


It has been my experience that music brings people together. It helps us to see what is important in life and to have a kinder heart when it comes to those around us.


I want to thank Prof Hill’s Think System….they lifted my spirits and reminded me of all the good there is in this life.


Thank you Jim Pennington for providing a place for good music to be heard and appreciated.

Thank you Prof Hill’s Think System for doing what you do so well

Special thank you to Ruth Harper, a beautiful, rising star

Thank you also to the wonderful, appreciative audience

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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