Calamine came alive on stage!

September 15, 2019

Last Sunday I went to the Matinee show at Mobile Theatre Guild and it was a wonderful experience. The play was “Calamine”…based on a song written and performed by our long time friend Ross Newell. When it comes to writing songs, Ross cannot be beat. This is what he was born to do. His songs tell a story and have a purpose, if you don’t know of him or have not gone to hear him sing…you need to correct that right away. His soul comes out in his music and it has the power to be transformative in your life.

It’s not too late…the final show will be today at 2:00pm….grab your significant other and head to Mobile Theatre Guild…you can thank me later.


The storyline was written by Mark Wyatt. Like Ross, he is a pure genius individual. He made the song Calamine come alive. He saw the story so clearly that Ross’ words told. Then he was able to adapt the words in that song to fit the stage and he laid it out there for us to see and understand exactly what those words meant.


Often in life we hear a song, we sing it, we love it but until we actually see it the way Mark Wyatt dropped it in our lap, we don’t fully understand the message.


The cast was outstanding and served well to show us how the story of “Calamine” goes. Now when you listen to the song…you will see these individuals and you will feel the words deeper than ever before.


The way I saw it was spelled out in many stories.

It is the story of a tormented soul who never gained the love of his father, no matter how he tried. It is the story of hate and how it can drive a person to alter themselves and kill with little thought. It is the story of confusion and the torment of a “wanna-be” preacher who never really understood the stories in the Bible. It is the story of the death of a mother who left a young boy with a father who could not love him. It is the story of a step mother who loved that boy and believed in him when others did not.

Also, for me, it is the story of unconditional love and understanding….kindness beyond measure.


It is so many stories wrapped up with a beautiful bow. It leaves you with so much to think about and even more to be thankful for.


Thank you Ross Newell for that fabulous song “Calamine”

Thank you Mark Wyatt for writing the story of that song into a play and directing it as well

 (Sheer genius on your part)

Thank you to the dynamic cast:

Gayle Alexander…….Ada Easton

Mike Brady…………..Eli

Hannah Nicole Byrd…Mrs. Cooper

Bridget Chapman……Mrs. Pate

Kirk Corley……………Haddon Chambers

Asa Dennis……………Young Haddon Chambers

Tim Eddy……………..Ranger Montgomery

Joe Fuselli……………Calamine

Cindy Gray…………..Miss Mary

Timothy Guy……….. Hobbs

E.A. Keeble…………Old Lady Spragg

Ed Kryger…………..Joseph Chambers

Thank you to Mobile Theatre Guild

(picture by Julie Pittman)

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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