MARLOW BOYS are real men

September 26, 2019

Last night I saw the Marlow Boys as they played Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile.

I have seen them many times before so you would think it might tend to be “same old, same old”….Not at all, with this band you get a unique show every time. These boys continually banter back and forth and it is delightful! Each time you come to see them you get lifted and your soul is restored.  


The conversations they have on the stage with each other and with us, makes us feel like we are more than an audience…we are an integral part of the show itself. Just as they said last night, its as though they are in our living room…we are all just friends, having fun.


They are seasoned, tried and true musicians with good hearts and great skills.

The band is: 

Phil Proctor- vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin

Stan Foster- vocals and a bad-ass bassist

Karl Langley- vocals, percussionist, drummer extraordinaire.

Joe Langley- vocals, guitar, lap-steel, harmonica, banjo, (he plays everything)


The Marlow Boys NEVER disappoints. They love music and they enjoy each other’s company…this, my friend, is the recipe for a truly GREAT band. They also genuinely care about the audiences that come out to see them.


I have seen hundreds of bands in my life but never seen a more compatible, congenial group of people…Marlow Boys have created a new mold that others should emulate.


Normally, a band will have some songs you can’t live without. The songs that touch your heart and speak to your soul. Then some that miss the mark and you can’t even remember the words to these songs. 


Marlow Boys knock it out of the park on every song. They will play a song and I hate to hear it end...I say to myself "this is my favorite song". Then they immediately start another song, and I say to myself, “Oh I forgot about this one…its my favorite!”….this process continues all evening….(try not to think about the fact that I am talking to myself all night…just remember the part about ALL of their songs are my favorite!).


Here is a line from one of their songs…”you used to do me right baby now all you do is do me wrong.” (we have all felt that at some point in our lives).


Another of my very favorite Marlow Brother songs is  “Burn”…look it up…buy it…it will change your world.


This band does a few covers and they make them sound so much better than the originals. My favorite is one by Bob Dylan…”Gotta Serve Somebody”. Lead singing on that one is Karl Langley and he is a master of that song… ( I sent this note to Bob this morning).


Dear Bob Dylan:

Listen to the Marlow Boys sing your song (Gotta Serve Somebody). Look them up..go to their show and you will see how it should sound. I don't mean to offend you,

you sound ok on the song Mr. Dylan...but Karl sounds MARVELOUS!

Thank you, 

Juanita Smith


I highly recommend this band to anyone who loves music or even remotely likes music…or thinks they may one day love music….check them out. You will be glad you did.


Thank you Marlow Boys for being the best band in town

Thank you JT and Callaghan’s for bringing them to us

Thank you to the attentive, interactive audience that took the show to another level


Juanita Smith

Music Mom





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