Two Fabulous Guys at TLR of Mobile

October 26, 2019

The Listening Room of Mobile came alive last night. Every inch of space was filled with the sound of music. It was a first class, top-notch dueling of instruments beyond your imagination.

Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley cooked up a feast of music and we devoured it like a pack of wolves.


They stretched through different genres with ease, touching bluegrass, country, blues, Americana and I don’t doubt they could play absolutely every kind of music out there if they had the desire.


These guys have awards and credentials for miles, so I won’t bore you with that…I just want to mention a couple of things.

Trey Hensley played at The Grand Ole Opry at age 11 with Marty Stuart and Earl Scruggs. He played at the White House for the president twice, when he was still in high school. He didn’t start out low and work his way up…he started at the top and has remained there. This man is fabulous on the guitar. His fingers get so fast, they actually blur; it is amazing to watch.


Rob ickes is the WORLD champion of the Dobro. This man has received more awards on the dobro than anyone else in history. He took the time to explain to us how the Dobro first came about. It was around 1927. (I am basically a nerd, so I also did some research on it). The whole thing started in a search for a louder sound from the guitar the Dopyera Brothers came up with a metal resonator that did the trick and their company was started in 1933 in Los Angeles. The instrument was named DOBRO as a morphed process from Dopyera Brothers—-DOBRO. It turns out that dobro is also a word in the country of their origin that means “goodness”. 

I can tell you this, when Rob Ickes holds a dobro it is nothing but GOODNESS! (or even greatness!).

He has dobro instructions available on youtube, you can pull it up like this:

essential-techniques-dobro: Rob Ickes   


They started the show off with a song called “Gone are the Days”…it was fabulous.


One of my favorites was one written by Trey Hensley, it is called “I’m Here But I’m Lonely”


It says “I’m here but I’m lonely, your heart’s not with me tonight”. It had a very sad and haunting feeling as Trey laid himself wide open with an emotion we have all felt at one time  or another.


I particularly enjoyed “That’s What Leaving’s For”. It paints a sad story but it is a song that makes you feel the emotion as he sings each line…

“I don’t have to say goodbye”

“You don’t need to slam the door”

“And I don’t have to break down and beg you to love me anymore”

“There’s no chance in making up, there’s no hope for me and you”

“There’s no need for words when love is through”

“That’s what leaving’s for”


For me, this song tells a story that is familiar to most of us.


These guys are simply fabulous. They have many originals that are outstanding to say the least . Yet they can take a cover song, add their phenomenally strong talents on their instruments, and make it their own like no body I have witnessed before.


I didn’t think I could love “Pride and Joy” (Stevie Ray Vaughn), more than I already do…but WOW, what they added was a great big cherry on top.

I am also a big fan of The Grateful Dead…”Friend of the Devil”…they added their out-of-this-world instrumentation to it and even though he has been gone since 1995, I just know Jerry Garcia would have been grinning from ear to ear if he has been sitting at my table. 

They also did a Merle Haggard song that I love….”Mama Tried”. Trey sang lead vocals on that one and he owned it. I know Merle has been gone since 2016, but if he could have raised up and heard that, he would have. I loved hearing it myself.


Go to: …check out and buy their music. Look at their upcoming shows, go or tell your friends if they are nearby. Everyone should get to hear these guys LIVE. They  are some of the best I have ever heard.


Thank you Jim Pennington of The Listening Room of Mobile for booking them

Thank you Rob Ickes for sharing your fabulous talent with us

Thank you Trey Hensley for coming to Mobile and performing for us

Thank you for the fabulous audience that enjoyed every second on that show

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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