November 10, 2019

Music has healing powers. It has the ability to remove your worries and free your mind. For me musicians are magicians as they weave their words into your heart and steal you away to the place they want you to go.


Last night I had the pleasure of hearing the music of a beautiful young musician from New Orleans. Her name is Mia Borders, it was my first time to hear her but it will not be the last.

Her voice is powerful, her words are purposeful and her message goes home with you at the end of the evening.


Mia is gritty, she is deep and sometimes haunting. Mia looks so young, and perhaps she is; but it was surprising to learn she teaches the art of songwriting and composition at Loyola University in New Orleans. 


She told the origin of many of her songs. A large number of her songs were born from pain and disappointment. Yet others are so deep and loving. She declared that a high percentage of her songs are about break ups and it immediately made me think of my musician son, Eric Erdman who often, correctly, says the same thing.


Her first song of the evening was “Momma told me”….this one includes instructive messages from her mother i.e “Momma told me to dance, momma told me to sing…” It sounds like her mother knew it was in her DNA. She told the story of a big loss she experienced about a year ago, when her grandmother, who raised her, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she stayed by her side to soak up all that remained of her time here on earth. One day a staff member told Mia she needed to remember to take care of herself through this process. It helped her to hear that message during such a tough time.


One of Mia’s songs says “Never going back to Nashville, ‘cause I just can’t stand the pain.” As time passes I hear many musicians tell of heartbreak in Nashville, yet they all still flock there seeking validation, hope and inspiration.


At my age, the lyrics in one of her original songs resonated pretty heavy, “got more yesterdays than  tomorrows”. As we age those words lay heavier on us.


Mia has the ability to say it loud, say it straight-forward and jab right into your heart with her lyrics….”Let’s fly, let’s fly, let’s fly just us two. “Let’s fly, let’s fly, Let’s fly me and you.”


This line from another of her originals, is simple but deep, “Everything you got is everything I need” …if someone said or sang those words to me I would be so touched and likely in tears.


We all have heard about people having a mid-life crisis, some of us probably even experienced that. Mia has a song about reaching 25 years old and having a Quarter Life Crisis. I thought that was fabulous! 25 can be a tough time as people are still figuring out life and wondering if the choices they have made are the best. It is a perfect time in life to reassess choices and re-choose if need be.


For me, the witty statements she made  between her songs were spot on. I feel that a musician’s ability to tell life stories around their music and tell them well, is as great a skill as their musical talent. It makes for a fuller show, its like adding pictures to a novel to help you see what the words are saying.


My very favorite song…the one that grabbed my heart, was “You’re My Tomorrow”. It says 

“You’re my tomorrow, You’re my forever, my happy ending, my love song”. You’re my happiness, you’re my now or never…you’re my tomorrow.”

Even typing this has me in tears. For me it perfectly describes the kind of love we all want to give and we all want to receive….


Every song Mia Borders sang last night talked to me. “Sugar in my Soul” is wonderful. “Plastic Love” (“you gave me plastic love, such a tragic love”)…this one is powerful.


She does have a couple of songs with explicit lyrics…but they are deep and these words seem to paint the picture of her sentiment with a brighter color and a heavier thought. “Find Another lover”

This one says, “Find another lover if you wanna go. You can find another lover but you will never find a mother-f**ker like me. Never find another like me.”


Mia Borders is an extremely talented young lady from New Orleans. She is going to play a SOLD-OUT show in Atlanta today. She has followers and fans galore. The next time she comes to The People’s Room in Mobile or anywhere near your home, check her music out. You will be glad you did.


Look her up   miaborders.com  go to see her live when you can, and buy her music; it will lift your spirits and make you feel warm inside.


Thank you Jim Pennington, The People’s Room for booking Mia Borders

Thank you Mia Borders for sharing a part of you with us last night

Thank you to those who came to hear yet another wonderful talent

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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