Genuine people-Thom & Coley

December 13, 2019

A genuine laugh and smile never goes out of style. That’s what Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe Shepherd gave us last night at The Peoples Room of Mobile.

I believe GENUINE describes these two perfectly…they are not fake smiles and a plastic presence on the stage…they are the exact same kind, thoughtful, truly funny people off stage as they are on it. 


They told the story of meeting in Nashville as they both had offices in the same building and they watched each other pass-by. She thought he was so cute (and he is)…but she said “something is wrong with him…because he is always smiling!"…I have been around him quite a few times and Coley is right…he smiles through life and brings that smile to everyone around him.


Tom has written many songs that became #1 hits. He is a prolific songwriter in addition to being a great man. (Of course Coley is everything wonderful too!)

One song he wrote (I am not sure if it was a #1…but it touches every woman in hearing range when Coley sings it.) The song is called “I Am A Woman”.( co-written by Thom Shepherd and Mary Sue Englund.)  To me it is designed to strengthen a woman’s resolve and to show her how very unique she is, how special she is; hearing it should make a woman hold her head higher and be proud of who she turned out to be.


One of my favorite songs by Thom and Coley is “Shotgun”. It tells the story of a couple who knows how to compromise in a relationship as they grab the wheel from each other when needed. Riding shotgun happens when you take over the helm to allow your partner to refuel, then that shotgun position is traded off  as each person needs it.  This keeps each of you fresh and no one gets bent out of shape. It is the right kind of thinking as you share the work and lighten the burden on one another. If everyone understood how important it is to have each others back in a relationship, instead of jumping to anger over everything, things would be so much better. As your partner is “riding shotgun” with you at the wheel, it feels like love, it is such a relief for them to know you have their back for whatever bumpy road this life may present. 


They have a LONG and hilarious song, “Dijibouti”….That is a country in East Africa where the US has a military base…Thom has done over 10 USO tours as he plays for our troops. He felt that Dijibouti was a very memorable place and the name is perfect for a funny song.

NOTE: Dijibouti is pronounced Ja- Booty! You must look this song up and listen…trust me you will have to listen to it more than once…you will find that you must have MORE 



The banter between these two when they are on stage is both fascinating and hilarious. They often jump in, mid sentence, and complete the story for each other…(another example of how they are “riding shotgun” in one another’s lives.) 


To me I can see their love. In their case they have made LOVE a partnership. It is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other. They know that even though they are each wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.


If you ever have an opportunity to see them on stage…grab that opportunity with both hands. You will be glad you did.


To find out more about them…go to

I want to thank them for playing at The Peoples Room of Mobile.

Thank you Jim Pennington for inviting Thom and Coley Shepherd to play in Mobile

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who were in the audience.

Juanita Smith

Music Mom




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