We saw Chuck Mead & Grassy Knoll Boys

December 15, 2019

The Peoples Room of Mobile outdid themselves last night as they brought us a full band of super entertaining guys who knew what they were doing. It was Chuck Mead and the Grassy Knoll Boys; they are a great band on steroids!

They are masters of they instruments and they move to the music as they play…its like they have “ants in their pants” when the music starts they feel it and it shows. This is contagious, we could not  sit there quiet and motionless…I looked around and saw almost everyone was tapping their feet, clapping their hands and moving along with them…that is how GOOD music feels!


Good music takes us to another place away from any problems we may have…it is encouraging and refueling for a person’s soul. We were all at the gas pumps last night getting our souls refueled and I feel whole again….thank you Chuck Mead.


Chuck Mead is the founder and frontman of this wonderful band. He is lead singer and dancer extraordinaire. Chuck is one of the best lead guitarist I have ever seen. His crowning star is his energy level…he is as excited to be on that stage as a kid with a new bicycle. It lights up my evening to watch his swaying, dancing and his occasional kick …he should tryout for the Rockettes in NYC!


With him last night were his long time friend, Mark Andrew Miller, playing bass. Boy could he play that bass! He too could feel that music deep down in his soul and he and Chuck would sway and dance to every song…somehow that was inspiring to watch and it lightened our spirits tremendously.


There was a new guy with them (this was his 2nd gig with this band), his name is Kevin Finn and he is the drummer. I have seen many many drummers in my years following music, Kevin is certainly near the top of the list. He knows when to play soft and smooth and when to get loud. (You might be surprised that not all drummers know that; some just let loose with all their strength every minute they are on the stage…overpowering everyone else). Obviously, Kevin is more skilled.


Last but far from least, is Carco Clave. This man is a multi-instrumentalist like I have not witnessed before. Last night he played pedal steel like a man who knows what he is doing! He played harmonica as though he was an old blues musician. He played a….it was either a mandolin or an electric ukulele….whatever it was he made it sing like nobody’s business. From his bio I learned he plays many more instruments. Carco sits there playing with complete perfection and never changes his expression. I did see a tiny smile almost pop out once when everyone applauded for him when he did a solo part on the harmonica. I believe he is an exceptional musician who is serious about what he does. It was a pleasure to watch him and hear him once again. By the way, I noticed a couple of times, Carco swayed with the other two on the front line and it warmed my heart.


My favorite songs were, “I’m Alright For The Shape I’m In”, “Girl on the Billboard”, “Dear John”…..and the entire audience enjoyed joining in on  (Cherokee Boogie)… with “Hey-Ho-Alina”.

Check these guys out at chuckmead.com

I thank Chuck Mead for an exceptional performance last night

I thank his wonderful Grassy Know Boys: Carco Clave, Kevin Finn and Mark Andrew Miller

I thank Jim Pennington and The Peoples Room for another outstanding show

Juanita Smith, Music Mom








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