The Harpers = Music and laughter

January 19, 2020

Last Friday I had the pleasure of hearing the Harpers make music. Ben and Steven Harper have music deep inside them and it pushes its way out of every pore when they perform. They  are incapable of standing still while they play, they are incapable of being anything but quirky and sometimes silly as they tell of their experiences and the things they love about life. As an audience member, its nearly impossible not to feel the music that vibrates inside their souls. They keep your eyes busy watching their every move…even Ben’s hair gets in the act as it dances with every note he plays…it is wild, curly and it reaches out in every direction as he pulls the music out of his guitar.


Steve places almost every instrument known to man. I am pretty sure he played 6 different instruments Friday night. He played banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and cello. He didn’t just play them he played them with great precision and he FELT the music.


These guys formed a two-man band called “Prof Hill’s Think System” and they are regulars at The Peoples Room of Mobile. They also play as a threesome called “Heather and The Monkey King”, when Steven’s beautiful wife Heather joins them with her voice that is like melting butter. She is smooth and her singing goes straight to your heart. She also feels the music and her moves as she sings are sultry and rhythmic. (Check the schedule, “Heather and The Monkey King” will be performing at The Peoples Room soon).


Their parents are musical, especially their father Dr. Andrew H. Harper. There are 4 children in their family, all are professional musicians and some are known worldwide…at least two family members have performed at Carnegie Hall.


Ben and Steven Harper are both teachers. Ben taught music to my 3 grandchildren when they were in elementary school…they loved him. My sons and I have loved Ben and Steven for years! Thanks to The Peoples Room of Mobile, we get to be uplifted by their performances and their hilarious interaction as they talk about their music and their lives.


Check out check for Prof Hill's Think System and for Heather and The Monkey King...also look for Ruth Harper (Ben's beautiful daughter who sings like an angel and also books shows at The Peoples Room.)

I want to thanks Jim Pennington and The Peoples Room for having them

                           Ben and Steven Harper for sharing their super talent

                           Their mom and dad who are wonderful and ALWAYS at their shows!

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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