The Marlow Boys at Callaghan's

January 30, 2020

After a day spent in my pajamas (something I had not done in a LONG time), I got ready and headed to Callaghan’s to join my friends. It turned out everyone in that room was a friend or at least very friendly. Music can do that to people, even the anticipation of good music lifts your spirits. I am sure almost everyone in that room had heard this band before…that is why the entire room was filled. There was standing room only but no one minded the crowded-ness of it all. The Marlow Boys can get people stirred up with excitement. I know I could barely contain myself. I wanted to jump from my seat every minute they were playing. If you have never heard The Marlow Boys, shame on you! Make it a point to check them out and run to their next show, it is life-changing…in a good way…to watch the joy they have as they play, is as much fun as listening to their beautiful music. That is how a band should be.


The Marlow Boys are four fabulous MEN. Stan Foster on bass. Karl Langley on drums. Joe Langley and Phil Proctor on just about everything else you can imagine. A real bonus for this band is all four of them sing and they sing well. They can alternate the lead on a song and the rest of them don’t stand by idle, they back up with vocals to fill the room with harmony.


I have found they have so many beautiful original songs …we all insist they not leave out our favorite originals… Burn, Anne Michelle, Kate, Halfway Home, No More Excuses, Used To Do Me Right, Gonna Be Alright, My Walking Shoes, etc (just to name a few)…and their covers are awesome too…my favorite cover they do is Gotta Serve Somebody (by Bob Dylan). For me Karl is better than THE BOB.


All four of these magnificent musicians, magnificent entertainers, are kind hearted people who put their whole heart into what they do and they just make ya feel so glad you came.


I suggest if you find yourself wanting to put some zest in your life, go to Callaghan’s on Wednesday night and see Phil & Foster (half of the Marlow Boys)…they will reward your presence with their music. Their banter back and forth will keep you smiling and their music will soothe your soul.  Look them up, they play all over the place.


Music has the ability to unload your worries and concerns and give you peace of mind. Good music does that so well….what these guys do is far greater than just good music….Their music wraps its arms around you and gives you a squeeze.


One Wednesday a month Phil & Foster are joined by Joe and Karl…making the circle complete and transforming into The Marlow Boys. Just check the event calendar at Callaghan’s, also you can check them out on facebook to see where they may be playing…if you have not seen them, you need to fix that as soon as possible. The Marlow Boys.


We got a special treat last night. In the second set  when Joe pulled a song out of his head that he had been working on but did not yet have it locked down. He said lets just work on it right here…so THEY DID JUST THAT. We got to see their approach to creating a song. We got to witness a wonderful new song being born. This baby doesn’t even have a name yet…(I personally hope they name it LOST). No matter what name is laid on this song, I already know I love it! Maybe they will play it for you the next time they are at Callaghan’s.


As we walk through this sometimes perplexing life. As we hear so much angst in the air, especially political garbage, our souls need relief from it all more than ever. There is a great remedy, gather with your friends and soon-to-be friends, relax and let the music grab you with both hands and give you a big hug, like The Marlow Boys did last night. They just do not realize how soothing and comforting and exhilarating they are! They do not realize they are the peace-makers in our lives.

Thank you (JT) Callaghan’s for bringing in such treasures for us to enjoy

Thank you Stan, Phil, Karl and Joe for your kindness, joy, your talent you share with us

Juanita Smith

Music Mom


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