February 14, 2020

“Mutual Admiration”…is what they called it…a perfect name for a perfect show.

Life is so much better when you focus on what truly matters.

These entertainers/musicians made us feel like we really mattered…they gave it

their all and it was received with standing applause many times by those of us in the audience.

What a wonderful show this was last night at Cedar Street Social Club in Mobile.


The cast of the show was unbelievable:

Moderator: Rick Hirsch

Primary singer/songwriters: Molly Thomas, Eric Erdman, Emily Stuckey and Gabe Willis

Stellar backup band: Ben Jernigan, James Wamble, Greg DeLuca, Owen Finley

Plus there was Robby Amonett with his fabulous“on-the-spot” artist’s rendering of it all


Now tell me this…how could it have been any better?


It was part of an on-going event that is hosted by Ben Jernigan and this back-up band..the event itself is called “Every Damn Thursday!

But each week is different and is special. This week it was an idea thought up by Rick Hirsch. He named it “MUTUAL ADMIRATION”. He thought it would be good for some of the best local singer/songwriters to get together and learn one of each other’s songs and present it with their own interpretation.

For example, Eric Erdman sang “Sharona” (by Mollly Thomas and Amelia White)…”Red Bird” (by Emily Stuckey) and “Niceville” (by Gabe Willis).


These singer/songwriters are phenomenal. They learned and interpreted the songs and sang them with great love for one another and great respect for the talent each of them displays.


It was absolutely amazing to hear some of my very favorite songs from a slightly different viewpoint. I believe this was a wonderful idea and I believe it should be repeated with other groupings.


I had only seen James Wamble and Owen Finley a couple of times but all the rest of them are near and dear to me as I have watched them grow and flourish in their music endeavors over the years…it makes me feel proud as though they are my own.


Hearing Gabe’s rendition of “El Paso” (by Eric Erdman) with a full band and such energy was a thrill. When Molly did “The Well” (written by Eric Erdman, Sarah Aili and Shelly RIff) it really touched my heart. Then Emily Stuckey sang “Color The Silence” and I felt a whole new feeling as I heard that song…she is a master with a voice that can bring you to your knees.


I say bravo to Ben Jernigan and his EVERY DAMN THURSDAY program and a special thanks to Rick Hirsch for his brilliant, musical mind to come up with this wonderful idea of MUTUAL ADMIRATION between the musicians. These four musicians already love each other…they all have loving hearts and they laid it all out on the stage last night for us to see. To me I felt their love wrap me up as they sang with everything they had.


WOW, James Wamble is a master on the electric guitar. He could and did step forward and take those songs down the road to a much bigger place. He drove them to a place I call WONDERFUL! This guy has it going on. On the drums Greg DeLuca…what more do I need to say…he is excellent! Ben Jernigan is versatile with his electric guitar, and his mandolin. He eased in and lifted songs up as well. Then there was Owen Finley on the bass. He is a master on the bass.


I am sure that EVERY DAMN THURSDAY will continue at Cedar Street Social Club and I recommend it to everyone who loves good music. Ben has assembled a team of master musicians who can back up anybody anywhere. 

I want to thank Ben for creating a program that reached out to Rick Hirsch for the idea and they reached out to four of the best singer/songwriters Mobile has to offer. It made for the perfect storm….a storm that people run towards and dance in.

Thanks also to Cedar Street Social Club for hosting this event

Thanks again to Rick Hirsch for being Rick Hirsch (I love this guy so much)

Thanks to this fabulous, exceptionally good band

Last but certainly not least, thanks to Eric Erdman, Molly Thomas, Emily Stuckey and Gabe Willis

What a night.

Juanita Smith

Music Mom



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February 14, 2020

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